Rob Velcoff - Treasurer

Intergovernmental Support Services
Business: (518) 852-9469

Rob Velcoff is an independent child support consultant with his own agency, Intergovernmental Support Services. His agency provides assistance with all manner of intergovernmental case processing, including training, government and private grants and special projects, office set-up and reorganization, and just about anything related to interstate or international child support. Before starting his own agency Rob worked for the New York State Division of Child Support Services for over 30 years. He became Manager of Interstate Operations at the beginning of 1999, and supervised the Central Registry until November 2008. Mr. Velcoff assisted with all interstate issues for New York State, both policy and programmatic, including being part of a team responsible for implementing the 1996 version of UIFSA in January of 1998 and the 2008 version of UIFSA in January of 2016. He was New York’s representative in several federal, national and international workgroups. Mr. Velcoff was also New York’s international child support liaison. In May 2011 he became President of the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA). Mr. Velcoff has received several awards, including ERICSA’s Felix Infausto Award (President’s Award) in 2018, the Domestic Relations of Pennsylvania (DRAP) President’s Award in 2016, an Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC) Certificate of Appreciation in 2014, the Florida Department of Revenue’s Sterling Silver Pickle Award in 2004 (first ever recipient from outside the State of Florida), the New York State OTDA Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2003, and others. Mr. Velcoff has presented at hundreds of workshops at more than 100 state, regional, federal, national, and even international child support conferences on a wide range of topics. He worked in child support at the local county level for three years before moving up to the state level. Mr. Velcoff received a BS in Criminal Justice from the State University College of New York at Brockport and an MA in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Albany.